hello! my name is eric marden.

I have been accused of being part robot, but I promise I have a warm gooey center.

I help startups win by building amazing engineering teams that ship great product.

I've spent the last 20+ years creating consumer products, enterprise software, and SaSS platforms utilizing my deep knowledge of programming languages, web frameworks, agile methodologies, and server technologies to get things done.

My work as been featured in numerous media outlets including TechCruch, VentureBeat, GQ, CNN, Built in Chicago, and many more.

I approach every project with style, vision, and imagination.

To me: freedom is responsibility, music is math, and code is poetry.

Specialties: Serverless, Event-Driven Architectures, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Hypermedia APIs, Agile Teams, DevOps, Microservices, Data Pipelines

Technologies: Go, Ruby, Redis, PostgreSQL, Rabbit MQ, Apache Solr, Amazon Web Services, Docker, Ansible, Puppet